Song Analysis


Guiding Questions: Set 1

Once you choose a song and listen to it carefully, answer the following questions:
1. Why did you choose this song?

A: We chose this song because is one of the first songs that talk about politics in an open manner, but not incentivating people to change the world in a pacific form rather than in a violent way

2. How does the music make you feel?

A: In a certain way is a cheerful song that motivates people to some changes

3. When you listen to the words, what does this song make you think about?

A: It makes us think about the society and political issues

4. How do you relate to this song?

A: We relate this song with the different social movements that want improve the society

5. List any other songs this song reminds you of below:

A: Imagine by The  Beatles because it also mentions ideas to change and have a better world

Guiding Questions: Set 2
1. How do the lyrics make you feel?

A: It makes us feel motivated and believe that some changes are possible

2. What do the lyrics make you think about?

A: About how the Contitution and some Institutions of a country deal with people

3. How do you relate to the words?

A: The title emphazise in how revolutionate things are

4. Do the words remind you of another song, movie, or book?

A: “Revolution-Nothing less!” and “V for Vendetta”

5. When you read the words, do they make you think about any world issues,
such as poverty, the environment, world peace, crime, or justice?

A: It makes us thing about people, socities, environment and politics in a non violent way

Guiding Questions: Set 3
1. What is different about listening to the song versus reading the lyrics?

A: When you listen to the song for the first time you tend to relate it with revolution in a bad way, some protests and chaos, but then when you have to have the opportunity to read the lyrics you realize that there are some specific verses that summarize the song into a good and peaceful direction

2. Why do you think it is different?

A: Because it was one of the first songs to talk about politics developing a political-social context

3. Does listening to the music help you understand the lyrics? Why or why

A: Yes, because after listening to it twice you automatically pay attention to the lyrics

4. Think about some images you could use to represent the ideas you had
during the past three sessions. Think about photos you have or photos
you could take. Make notes of these ideas below:


Self Reflection about the song

1. Describe how you chose the images for your project:

A: We chose them according to the lyrics. We tried to relate the images with the lyrics of the song in order to create a vision of what the song is about

2. Did creating a personal visual representation of the song change your original feelings about the song? How?

A: Yes, it did. Because at the beginning we thought that the song was about the typical revolution and vandalism that we are used to see in our country, but then when we had the possibility of read the lyrics we realized that the meaning and the message was the opposite of what we thought

3. Describe the transitions you used and explain why you chose them:

A: The effects that we used in the video were soft frames with transitions according to the rhythm of the song. We used them to emphasize some pictures and their meanings

4. Describe the effects you used and how they added to the meaning:

A: As we said before, the transitions that we used had the purpose of emphasize some parts of the song

5. Discuss how the words you added in the title, credits, or within the body of the movie impact the meaning:

A: Some of the main concepts are peace and revolution because doing this project we learned the real side and meaning of the song. It is not a matter of violence but a matter of changing the world peacefully.

6. What does your final project mean to you?

A:  It means learning. Because the process of looking for information, images, investigate the historical context make us think what was happening then and what is happening nowadays; in certain way there are not many differences.

7. What message do you hope it expresses to viewers?

A: As the song says, we hope that people understand that there are many possible ways to change our world or lives, but these changes don’t have to be through violence

8. What did you learn about technology through participating in this project?

A: Well, our group already knew how to handle with this type of technology, we have done it before so was not difficult to create the video and fit the images with the lyrics


Members: Karla Pineda, Franco Valdés


Swing Bands, bebop, and the Rise of a Post War Jazz Scene

During the World War II people were hopeless, confused and at the same time bop music was rising, so it changed the perception that people had of the world.

thing to come

What do we need to read about to understand this?

• Swing Bands

• Bebop

• The rize of a Post War Jazz Scene


• “The musicians were so good” observed the trumpeter Red Rodney, “yet we were so screwed up”

• The Rise of the bebop music was the major Jazz innovation of the era.



Members: Karla Pineda



Facts about the video : Billie Holiday

billie1) She had a difficult childhood

Her grandfather was a slave

She was sent to a catholic school

When she was 14 she became working as a prostitute

2) Before being a singer she worked in several jobs. For example, she was a domestic worker, a dancer and even a prostitute

3) She was “discovered” and had de opportunity to work with important jazz bands

She signed a contract  with Columbia Records

4) She died as a consequence of her self-destruction and addiction to heroineMUSIC

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descarga (4)For at least 40,000 years before the first British settlement in the late 18th century, Australia was inhabited by indigenous. Australians who belonged to one or more of roughly 250 language groups. After discovery by Dutch explorers in 1606, Australia’s eastern half was claimed by Great Britain in 1770 and settled through Penal transportation to the colony of New South Wales from 26 January 1788. The population grew steadily in subsequent decades; the continent was explored and an additional five self-govering Crown Colonies were established.


From colourful racing carnivals to Grand Slam tennis, there’s always something exciting happening. With food and wine events, jazz, and comedy shows, surfing tournaments, and flower and garden displays

•Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

 •Tropfest Film Festival

 •Anzac Day

Gold Coast Indy 300
 •Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
images (1)
•Hugh Jackman
descarga (5)Nicole Kidman
images (2)
   • Mel Gibson
descarga (6)
images (4)
 •The Wiggles

Reading Comprehension

¿What kind of landscape do we have in Australia? Australia varies dramatically from tropical rainforests, to deserts, and cool temperate forests to snpw covered mountains.

¿Who was living in Australia before the First Fleet arrived? There were living mainly English convicts and free settlers

¿When is Australia Day? On January 26th

¿What happened after World War II? A large scale of migration began  and  lot of displaced persons and refugees went to Australia

¿Who began arriving after the white Australia policy was abolished ? Do  you know what the white Australia policy was? Migrants from Asia and Africa began arriving after the White Australia policy was abolished. The term White Australia Policy means that intentionally favoured immigration to Australia from certain European countries, and especially Britain. It came into fruition with the Federation in 1901, and the policies were progressively dismantled between 1949 and 1973

¿What does bilingual mean? Using two languages in some proportion in order to facilitate learning by students who have a native proficiency in one language and are acquiring proficiency in the other: bilingual training; bilingual education





Scotland is located to the north of England, with a population of around 6 million people.

  • Capital city: Edinburg
  • National Flower: Thistle ( National emblem since the rein of Alexander III )
  • Little chances of independe

Classics  Scottish Stereotypes

  1. William Wallace, Scotish Knight, was involve in the Scotish war of independence.
  2. Scotish whiskey (Scotch)
  3. Loch Ness Monster ( The apparent prehistoric dinosaur)
  4. Haggies ( Traditional Dish)
  5. The Bagpipes ( Traditional Music Instrument)
  6. The kilt ( Traditional skirt worn by men just on special occasions)


1. What is the typical description of Scottish food? Heavy and fried food that contains lots of meat, and large breakfasts

2. What is the first city visited by the chef? They visit Glasgow.

3. How may the traditional Glaswegian breakfast start? Starts with a “Pint” (it is referred to a large-size beer)

4. Describe the cooking procedure of fried food items tried at University Cafe, chip shop: The ingredients are introduced into butter and later, they are fried.

a. Fish and chips (What did they add?) Some salt and vinegar

b. Pizza (what is Anthony’s opinion about oil?) Anthony says that at the beginning, the oil is not good. After a while it gets better  and better, until it breaks down and then, the chefs, must change it.

c. Chocolate bar: The chocolate  is introduced into butter, and later they add some sugar.

d. Eggs: Pickled eggs are also introduced into butter first and then are fried.

5. Where do they go to try Haggis? To “Dubh Prais Restaurant”, Edinburgh

6. What are the ingredients of this Traditional Scottish dish, Haggis? Sheep’s liver, lungs and heart  with , onions and some peppers to get the spicy flavor.

7. What is the basic procedure to prepare Haggis? All the ingredients must be chopped and mixed. Then, the chef must fill the “bag”  with the meat and spices . Finally, the haggis are steamed  for about 3 hours.

8. What are the typical side dishes?  Smashed or creamed potatoes.

9. What is the history behind this dish? It is a dish that has existed for more than 200 years and that, originally, was for poor men

10. What’s the name of the poet who immortalized Haggis? Robert Burns (Address to a Haggis)

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American Dream


american dream

What Happens to the American Dream in Recession?

1.-According to this article,what is the classic definition of the American Dream? Do you think that this  dream (as it is classically defined) often comes true ? Why or Why not ? The classic definition of American Dream is that it is possible to start out poor in the United States , work hard and become rich. Nowadays this definition is different because now is harder to achive or to become rich , you can have a house and your family but it ir really hard to be rich.

2.-Why do you think more people believe in the American Dream today than they did four years ago , when our economic outlook was much brighter? We think that now people have more hope than before,the dream has always been there with everybody , but the hope makes the people think that they will achieve their own dream at some point .Also because nowadays there is a lot of publicity and games that make people hold on to their expectatives  as well as their dream .

3.-Describe the shift in the definition of the American Dream  over the past four years . What do you think accounts for this change ? The definition shift from an aspect about financial security and a steady job to an aspect related to freedom and opportunities in other words fewer people are pegging their dream to material success and more people are pegging it to abstract values . We think that this shift is due to the people that realize that they wouldn’t be able to become rich ,so, they shift their dream to another aspect that is also important in their life as it is, a stable family , a home , but focusing in the idea of freedom and different opportunities.

4.- Which definitions of the American Dream resonate most with you? Why? The definitions we choose are: “freedom to live our own life “ “some one could start from nothing “ “that everybody has a fair chance to succeed” “to become whatever I want to be “ Mainly because all of this definitions envolves opportunities and equality in terms of creating our own future . Also we think that it is important that everybody feels free to have their own goals ,no matter what these goals might be ,but always having in main that if we have the possibility and the freedom to choose what we want and what we want to become, is important that we do it in the best way possible that means working in the right way and being the best of whatever you want to do.

5.-Why do you think Barry Glassner believes that it would be difficult to find a different country where so many people believe in possibilities even in dire circumstances ?Do you agree with him? Why or why not? If we look back to the history of the United States we can see that it has always being a land of opportunities as well as a land of immigrants and it is part of his culture to provide opportunities as well as different mentalities from the people, makes America a place for opportunities and dreams . Because of this most of the people see America as a land for creating a new life where you can becaome anything that you want , and thanks to the variety of his culture it makes it more atractive to the rest of the people .

Members: Melissa Gallardo, Nicol Tapia.


ImageEmancipation Proclamation.

While the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln issued a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that all slaves in the rebellious states ” Shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free….

While this did not free a single slave, it was an important turning point in the war, transforming the fight to preserve the nation into a battle for Human Freedom.