Scene Analysis Framework

Second Scene

Scene 2

• Is the setting authentic or constructed? Support your answers.
 During the scenes there are two Settings, inside the palace and outside the palace .It’s a kind of mixture of authentic and constructed setting.

When and where does the scene take place?  The first one takes place inside the Buckingham Palace at a kind of ladies room, and the 2nd one in the garden.

How does the director use color in the scene? Are there any colors that stand out? Support your answer.
In the 1st scene: There are many colours that stand out in the scene. Vivid colours, specially gold,and  yellowish. In the second scene the color which highlights the most is the Green.

Where is the camera in the scene? Is it moving or fixed?
In the 1st scene During the  camera is moving around the main characters are almost the whole time with a medium close. In the 2nd scene the camera is next to the queen and her aunt with a médium close shot also.

What is the effect created by moving or positioning the camera in this way?
•Makes the characther look as if they had the power.

Describe what elements you observe in this scene.
•1st Scene: Many chandeliers, books, pictures, sofás, tables.

2nd Scene: shrubs, tres,a water fountain, benches ( the palace at the back)

Are all the elements treated in the same way, i.e., does the camera focus more on some elements than on others? Why?
• The camera focused on all the objects generally while they were in the same shot of the main characters

What characters are involved in the scene? 
1st Scene: The Queen, Prince Albert, The Baroness.

2nd Scene: The Queen and the Queen’s Aunt

Briefly describe their function in the scene.
1st scene: The Queen was Reading smth, The Baroness and other girl were embroidering, and the prince was trying to look through the window.

2nd scene: Both Que queen and her aunt were talking about how prince Albert was settling down in the palace.

What is the general mood of the scene? 

1st scene: It was a tense moment. An awkward and uncomfortable moment for the prince

2nd scene: joy and confussion

Would you eliminate any elements from this scene?  I would not eliminate any element of this scene; despite the uncomfortable moment of the prince, which is part of the climax and story of the movie


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