Scene Analysis Framework

First SceneImage

 • Is the setting authentic or constructed? Support your answers.
 It’s a kind of mixture of authentic and constructed setting.

When and where does the scene take place?  It takes place in the Buckingham Palace.

How does the director use color in the scene? Are there any colors that stand out? Support your answer.
There are many colours that stand out in the scene. Vivid colours, specially gold, read, yellowish. These colours represent the youth of the queen. She was a queen so young.

Where is the camera in the scene? Is it moving or fixed?
During the scene tha camera is moving around the main characters almost the whole time with a medium close.

What is the effect created by moving or positioning the camera in this way?
•Make the main characters  appear as if they were floating while they were dancing. Standing put them from the rest of the characters.

Describe what elements you observe in this scene.
•There is the orchestra, many pictures and chandeliers, flowers, the clothing related with the occasion

Are all the elements treated in the same way, i.e., does the camera focus more on some elements than on others? Why?
• The camera focused more on the type of clothing that people were using and the general background.

What characters are involved in the scene? 
The Queen, the Prince Albert, Lord Melbourne, Queen’s mother. People invited to the ceremony.

Briefly describe their function in the scene.
The Queen and the Prince Albert were dancing, while Lord Melbourne and the Queen’s mother were looking at them, in a misteriosly way. While the rest of the invited people were looking at the queen dancing.

What is the general mood of the scene? Respect, admitarion, Joy, envy.

Would you eliminate any elements from this scene?  I would not eliminate any element of this scene; all are well mixed together.        

Members: Karla Pineda.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


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