Song Analysis


Guiding Questions: Set 1

Once you choose a song and listen to it carefully, answer the following questions:
1. Why did you choose this song?

A: We chose this song because is one of the first songs that talk about politics in an open manner, but not incentivating people to change the world in a pacific form rather than in a violent way

2. How does the music make you feel?

A: In a certain way is a cheerful song that motivates people to some changes

3. When you listen to the words, what does this song make you think about?

A: It makes us think about the society and political issues

4. How do you relate to this song?

A: We relate this song with the different social movements that want improve the society

5. List any other songs this song reminds you of below:

A: Imagine by The  Beatles because it also mentions ideas to change and have a better world

Guiding Questions: Set 2
1. How do the lyrics make you feel?

A: It makes us feel motivated and believe that some changes are possible

2. What do the lyrics make you think about?

A: About how the Contitution and some Institutions of a country deal with people

3. How do you relate to the words?

A: The title emphazise in how revolutionate things are

4. Do the words remind you of another song, movie, or book?

A: “Revolution-Nothing less!” and “V for Vendetta”

5. When you read the words, do they make you think about any world issues,
such as poverty, the environment, world peace, crime, or justice?

A: It makes us thing about people, socities, environment and politics in a non violent way

Guiding Questions: Set 3
1. What is different about listening to the song versus reading the lyrics?

A: When you listen to the song for the first time you tend to relate it with revolution in a bad way, some protests and chaos, but then when you have to have the opportunity to read the lyrics you realize that there are some specific verses that summarize the song into a good and peaceful direction

2. Why do you think it is different?

A: Because it was one of the first songs to talk about politics developing a political-social context

3. Does listening to the music help you understand the lyrics? Why or why

A: Yes, because after listening to it twice you automatically pay attention to the lyrics

4. Think about some images you could use to represent the ideas you had
during the past three sessions. Think about photos you have or photos
you could take. Make notes of these ideas below:


Self Reflection about the song

1. Describe how you chose the images for your project:

A: We chose them according to the lyrics. We tried to relate the images with the lyrics of the song in order to create a vision of what the song is about

2. Did creating a personal visual representation of the song change your original feelings about the song? How?

A: Yes, it did. Because at the beginning we thought that the song was about the typical revolution and vandalism that we are used to see in our country, but then when we had the possibility of read the lyrics we realized that the meaning and the message was the opposite of what we thought

3. Describe the transitions you used and explain why you chose them:

A: The effects that we used in the video were soft frames with transitions according to the rhythm of the song. We used them to emphasize some pictures and their meanings

4. Describe the effects you used and how they added to the meaning:

A: As we said before, the transitions that we used had the purpose of emphasize some parts of the song

5. Discuss how the words you added in the title, credits, or within the body of the movie impact the meaning:

A: Some of the main concepts are peace and revolution because doing this project we learned the real side and meaning of the song. It is not a matter of violence but a matter of changing the world peacefully.

6. What does your final project mean to you?

A:  It means learning. Because the process of looking for information, images, investigate the historical context make us think what was happening then and what is happening nowadays; in certain way there are not many differences.

7. What message do you hope it expresses to viewers?

A: As the song says, we hope that people understand that there are many possible ways to change our world or lives, but these changes don’t have to be through violence

8. What did you learn about technology through participating in this project?

A: Well, our group already knew how to handle with this type of technology, we have done it before so was not difficult to create the video and fit the images with the lyrics


Members: Karla Pineda, Franco Valdés


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