Scotland is located to the north of England, with a population of around 6 million people.

  • Capital city: Edinburg
  • National Flower: Thistle ( National emblem since the rein of Alexander III )
  • Little chances of independe

Classics  Scottish Stereotypes

  1. William Wallace, Scotish Knight, was involve in the Scotish war of independence.
  2. Scotish whiskey (Scotch)
  3. Loch Ness Monster ( The apparent prehistoric dinosaur)
  4. Haggies ( Traditional Dish)
  5. The Bagpipes ( Traditional Music Instrument)
  6. The kilt ( Traditional skirt worn by men just on special occasions)


1. What is the typical description of Scottish food? Heavy and fried food that contains lots of meat, and large breakfasts

2. What is the first city visited by the chef? They visit Glasgow.

3. How may the traditional Glaswegian breakfast start? Starts with a “Pint” (it is referred to a large-size beer)

4. Describe the cooking procedure of fried food items tried at University Cafe, chip shop: The ingredients are introduced into butter and later, they are fried.

a. Fish and chips (What did they add?) Some salt and vinegar

b. Pizza (what is Anthony’s opinion about oil?) Anthony says that at the beginning, the oil is not good. After a while it gets better  and better, until it breaks down and then, the chefs, must change it.

c. Chocolate bar: The chocolate  is introduced into butter, and later they add some sugar.

d. Eggs: Pickled eggs are also introduced into butter first and then are fried.

5. Where do they go to try Haggis? To “Dubh Prais Restaurant”, Edinburgh

6. What are the ingredients of this Traditional Scottish dish, Haggis? Sheep’s liver, lungs and heart  with , onions and some peppers to get the spicy flavor.

7. What is the basic procedure to prepare Haggis? All the ingredients must be chopped and mixed. Then, the chef must fill the “bag”  with the meat and spices . Finally, the haggis are steamed  for about 3 hours.

8. What are the typical side dishes?  Smashed or creamed potatoes.

9. What is the history behind this dish? It is a dish that has existed for more than 200 years and that, originally, was for poor men

10. What’s the name of the poet who immortalized Haggis? Robert Burns (Address to a Haggis)

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